2 January 2016

The Coffee of Heresy...

2016 began yesterday, but time and energy are lagging. It's raining, the sky is grey and all of the things that need doing don't need doing yet. The only answer to such such seasonal sludge is coffee served in a mug worthy of the Warmaster himself.


  1. Hey, sorry to bother you but...

    i take it that you are quite interested in the Imperial Fists in the Horus heresy era, since you are pratically the only author that wrote something on them (quite awesome work aye, alongside the first trilogy of the series The Crimson Fist novella is my favorite!), so any word on a full Imperial Fists novel, 300 + pages or so?

    Ive read everything on the Imperial Fists in the HH series and im dying for some more :D (its not like there is much, only Eagle's Talon, The Crimson Fist, The Last Remembrancer, which are all great but too short, and the Templar Audio book and Hands of the Emperor by Rob Sanders, which is more about the Custodes actually... and the few novels here and there that Dorn other imperial fists like Alexis Polux appears, usually for a couple of lines only too). It seems that the Fists are the only legion from all 18 that dont have a full novel on them. (i actually looked into it and in fact that is almost true, only the Iron Hands are on the same level of lack of portrayal, and the Death Guard would be too but there is Garro and all the work on him and Flight of the Eisenstein, as well as an upcoming Death Guard novel solely on that legion itself)

    So since you have been writing about them for a while now id say the best combination would be the first Imperial Fist novel with your first full book in the Horus heresy series.

    Just an idea!

    1. Thanks :)
      I really do like righting about the Fists in the Heresy, and its great to hear that they have an audience
      As to whether a full Imperial Fists Heresy novel is in the works... well... I cannot say.