26 March 2016

The Joy of Inq28

If your not that fussed about small painted figures, or distopian sci-fantasy, look away now.

Over the last few years a creative movement has sprung up amongst miniature converters and painters. Inspired by the premise the classic Inquisitor 40k game, and the art of John Blanche, Inq28 is about exploring the depth and texture of the Warhammer 40,000 universe by creating unquie character models. Inspired by the jaw dropping work that's out there I have been doing a bit of character hacking of my own. Witness the results: 


  1. The Eisenhorn figure lips great. It's also a great use of a Storm cast figure, but I must say the Assassin/AdMech mash up is by far my favorite. The passing on the base assassin figure is really menacing.

    1. Thanks! I really enjoyed doing the Exiled Assassin. It was going to be a much closer homage to John Blanche's Berzerker Assassin drawing from the Inquisitor sketch book, but in the building it became somthing else.

  2. Great paintwork on the psyker (particularly like the robe), and the other two figures look interesting as well.

  3. An excellent group of models! It is great to see you too are enthralled by the potential of Inq28. No miracles just men (and women!)!

  4. Late to the party. But just wanted to say how much I like these three models.

    Also wanted to mention how much I enjoyed Resurrection. Thanks 👍