20 August 2016

The Inquisition Arrives...

Along side Praetorian of Dorn, a short story about the Inquisition in Warhammer 40,000 sneaked out from Black Library:


Quite a lot of you have fired questions at me about it already:

What are the Horusian Wars?
Is that Covenant from the classic Inquisitor game?
If it is Covenant, does that mean daemonhunters and factions of the Inquisition at war?
Is this a one off, or the start of a series?


To be totally clear...

Yes, that is Inquisitor Covenant ;)

19 August 2016

Alpha to Omega

Three years ago I pitched a crazy idea of a Horus Heresy book. Now it's here, printed and in readers hands. At the moment I can name ever of person who has read it. That's about to change...
Endings and beginnings.
Alpha to Omega. 

1 August 2016

Interviews by the Hundred Weight...

Well not actually by the hundred weight. For starters I don't think you can weigh interviews... can you? Anyways, I have done a lot of interviews recently about writing, and books new and old.

Here is your handy round up:

Over on Track of Words, I delve into how I got started writing for Black Library, and the Tallarn arc of The Horus Heresy series:

I chat about my Ahriman trilogy to Kenny Lull on the Combat Phase podcast:

Gaming and Primarchs are a couple of the topics in my talk with Paul Murphy on Forge the Narrative: