9 September 2016

Oathbound Bounty Hunter

Enoch Nos, Iron Venator

This is one of my latest conversions inspired by John Blanche's artwork, and by the Inq28 movement and Blanchitsu pages of White Dwarf. I see Enoch as roaming the rust wastes around half dead hives, hunting down rengade nobles, or anyone else that is willing to by an oath contract from his clan. Coated in grafted muscle, he is adicted to alchemical liquor that keeps his body from failing. The iron plate armour, and the contract parchments bound to it, will return to his clan on his death and passed to a new initiate. 

8 September 2016

Ask Your Question...

To mark this blog reaching 10,000 views I am doing a Q&A. 

Post your questions in the comments between now and Friday 16th, and I will blend them all together and post answers on the blog. 

SPOILERS - If your question is laden with spoiler, send it to me in a message. I will answer them in a spoiler separate spoiler-unsafe post.