20 August 2017

Agent of the Throne

'Do what you need to do. 
Do not cause more trouble than you solve. 
If you get into trouble you are on your own.  
Good luck.'

That is not what Inquisitor Covenant said to his new acolyte, but that is the core of Agent of the Throne. Ianthe is a former soldier, with lots of experience in killing things that are difficult to kill. After serving Covenant in front line battles, she is sent off to deal with threats that are too small for Covenant to deal with personally, but too big to leave unresolved. Investigating cults, psyker hunts, and kill missions all fall to Ianthe as she takes her first steps into the shadow world of being an Agent of the Throne.

Those Who Serve in Shadow

When I started planning The Horusian Wars I had an idea that did not quiet fit in the main novel arc. The idea was to look at what it is like serving the Inquisition without the authority and protection of being an Inquisitor. What was it like for the people sent to do the street level investigations, or who might not see their Inquisitorial mistress for years? Who gets to take out a cult if the local authorities can't be trusted? Who gets sent to do a dirty job that an Inquisitor does not have the time to deal with or wants kept at arms length? Who are those souls all alone in the dark making terrible choices that might have huge implications? 

I started to wonder about the people who got those things done for Covenant, who were out their facing terrible threats with just their wits and skills. 

The idea floated around until Black Library asked me to have a think about if I wanted to do an audio that might turn into a series – did I have any ideas? 

Yes, I had an idea alright.

Ianthe's War 

Agent of the Throne is not just about deadly missions in the forgotten corners of the Imperium, its about Ianthe, about what she was when she started, and what she becomes through experience.  Her story begins in the short story The Purity of Ignorance, were you can find out about how she came to serve Covenant. Where she ends up...

At the start of planning Ianthe' story, I had an image in my head of a figure standing alone on a desolate plane in mismatched combat gear, a hardness to her face and wariness in her eyes. It was the image of someone standing alone, having just faced a choice which she would never know if she got right.  That is the end of a journey for Ianthe, a journey that has only just started in Blood and Lies, a journey which will take her to some very dangerous places and confront her with worse choices. And, as she might say, it is the choices that will kill you every time.

You can get Blood and Lies here, go click, go listen:


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