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In Words

My interview on Track of Words about Resurrection, the Horusian Wars and Covenant

I talk Tallarn, the Horus Heresy and a few other things over on the Track of Words blog

A general interview I did a while back for the Bolthole fan sight:

Q+A about my Lovecraftian horror novel, The Lies of Solace, for the Fantasy Flight Games website:

In Voice

I talk about the Horusian Wars and Resurrection on the Combat Phase podcast:

Aaron Dembski-Bowden and I talk about the Horus Heresy with Greg Dann:

A look behind the scenes on Praetorian of Dorn on Forge the Narrative:

I talk to Greg Dann on The Imperial Truth podcast, mainly about Tallarn:

A long chat with Combat Phase podcast about the Ahriman series:

Reflections on 10 Years of the Horus Heresy on the Combat Phase podcast:

I talk about Chaos in Warhammer 40,000 on The Independent Characters podcast:

A chat about writing and miniatures gaming with the guys on Forge the Narrative:

In Moving Pictures

Interview at Black Library Live 2016: