Really excited to be announce that I am writing for the Dark Tide video game by Stockholm based Fat Shark, makers of acclaimed Vermin Tide, and Vermin Tide II. The writing team on this project is a joy, headed up by Matt Ward, its stacked with talent from Victoria Hayward to Dan Abnett, and many […]

Letters from an Unknown land is a series of stories about a world of fallen empires, magic, war, and power. Told through journal entries and letters written by travellers to their patrons, the story, place, and characters emerge piece by piece.

Why you should keep what you cut from your work, and how that will make you a better artist.

Sigismund: The Eternal Crusader is out to buy and read. A character novel for the Horus Character series, its an essential biography of the the foremost space duellist of the space marine legions.

The five books that will make your writing and story telling better

The audiobook of Ahriman: Sorcerer is out now on Audible

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