As you look around this site you might have noticed a series of stories all labelled s ‘Letters From An Unknown Land’ and thought what are they and what is going on? Well here are some answers.

Ideas don’t arrive by lightning strike. They come from paying attention to the world and gathering what you find curious.

I talk writer-to-writer with Alec Worley about craft, getting published and staying focused, as well as revealing my new creator-owned fantasy project ‘Letters from an Unknown Land’.

Kalik ventures into the hollow land beneath the Oracles, and things take a turn…

Kalik visits the remains of a dead civilisation set close to the roof of the world and over a hollow wound that waits beneath.

You should take notes. It captures ideas and observations in a way that lasts, and lets you look at an idea with fresh eyes when you come back to the note. Taking notes makes you observe the world. It makes you better.