Kalik travels to a town beside the sea that is home to old dreams, and new nightmares.

21/07/2023 / News

Cypher Out Now

Cypher: Lord of the Fallen is out now in hardback, audio and ebook.

To be able to create, you need endurance. To build endurance, you need to make a conscious practice of doing what makes you feel energised, making a habit of sleep, and recognising when you have done hard work and resting.

I talk writer-to-writer with Alec Worley about craft, getting published and staying focused, as well as revealing my new creator-owned fantasy project ‘Letters from an Unknown Land’.

Kalik ventures into the hollow land beneath the Oracles, and things take a turn…

As you look around this site you might have noticed a series of stories all labelled s ‘Letters From An Unknown Land’ and thought what are they and what is going on? Well here are some answers.